WOOD - An amazing and noble material

Posted on: júl 13, 2016 | Author: Reborn-w
WOOD - An amazing and noble material
"Old wood has the aura of the past. It passed through the hands of old masters, who put all their skills and feel in this material. This material is inimitable. Every single piece is the original on its own."


Wood - amazing and noble material

      8 millenia ago, half of the Earth`s land was covered by forests. It is therefore understandable that the wood had become one of the oldest builing materials. If we look into the history, it is clear that wood has stood the test of time. If managed correctly, this natural material can also be renewable.

Wood has many useful properties, such as being light, having low sound and heat conductivity, it is also strong and can be worked easily. The negatives are its flammability, low resistance to parasites and low resistance to weather conditions.

If we look at the wood from science`s point of view, we can see it is natural organic material, made up of cells and cell walls  are composed of micro-fibrils of cellulose and hemicellulose impregnated with lignin.


Traditional vs. modern material.

Wood has been used as a material since ever, although along with the evolution of human race and technology, the methods of wood treatment and crafting have also changed a lot. Modern technologies have allowed us to manufacture wooden products that meet very strict technological criteria.

Contemporary trends concerning the use of renewable resources with emphasis on ecology mean that wood is again very popular and demand for it is growing every year.

Modern log cabin. 

Source: https://static.4nets.sk/photo/88/393088/album/41630562_720.jpg


BIO Origin

This raw material was born and has been growing in nature. During its existence it has had to defend itself against rain, snow, wind and frost but also against the burning sun. Considering the fact the trees has survived these challenges for many decades and centuries, it is expected that a good quality wooden product will also last for a very long time.

Wood and ecology.

Source: https://www.tulikivi.cz/tulikivi/vytapani-drevem/drevo-a-ekologie


Outstanding physical properties

Wood as natural raw material is not electrostatically charged and therefore does not attract dirt particles freely dispersed in the environment. Of all the materials, it has the lowest heat expansion. Just looking at it gives you feeling of warmth and relaxation. Among its excellent physical properties belong its thermal insulation and sound insulation properties.

"The scent, the structure and the warmth of real wood in interior spaces can not be replaced by any other artificial material."

Source: http://lifereset.sk/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/TBP0637.jpg


Long durability

One of the important criteria concerning the wood`s durability is the quality of wood processing and surface treatment. There are many surface treatment solutions available on today's market. They prolong the woods durability. The wood is treated by performing preventive maintenance polishing, which is a polish for sealing of the upper layers of paint and creating a thin surface film rich in natural waxes, thus allowing the product to become more resistant to weather conditions. Regenerative outer coating is carried out as necessary, usually every 10-15 years, it does not require sanding or scraping, simply a new layer of lacquer is applied. These treatments extend the wood`s durability by several decades.

The oldest tree in the world.

Source: http://www.bing.com/images/results.aspx?q=oldest+tree&form=QBIR&fdr=lc


Practical maintenance

Products made from this natural and noble material can be easily maintained using the modern technologies available. Unlike the materials that simply disintegrate, wood's life can be extended by using these modern preservatives. By following the simple rules, anybody can extend the durability of this beautiful material by many decades.

Processing the wood products.

Source: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/X7q2wgeDbdM/maxresdefault.jpg


Aesthetic advantages

Quality made wooden products have many unique aesthetic properties. They bring a piece of nature directly to their owner`s home, they create an atmosphere of piece in these hectic times. Unlike other materials, wood provides sense of comfort and pleasant feeling.

More demanding customers can indulge in looking at and especially touching this natural material, that is always unique, since there are not two identical trees to be found anywhere in the world.

DO NOT FORGET: Original decorative elements are often those little things that make your home or workplace a very special place indeed.

Hand made wooder decorative items.

Source: http://reborn-w.sk/


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