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House for the 2016

House for the 2016

Posted on: apr 7, 2021 | Author: Reborn-w

House for the 2016

House for the 2016

Are you planning on furnishing or re-decorating your house? We will show you the trends for this year. We understand that changing the interior theme in your home according to the latest trends is something that you won`t do every year. But just in case you are going to do it right now, or you are thinking of making some changes to your interior, allow us to try to inspire you with our article.

If you decorate and furnish your home in timeless style, you won't have to keep making the changes every year. How can it be done? When painting your walls, choose neutral colors. This year`s colors should have soothing and calming tones - pastel shades based on nature, for example milky coffee, light lilac, pink or apricot. The furniture should have simple shapes, clean surfaces and muted colors such as beige, light grey or brown. Every piece of furniture should have its purpose. Except for the functionality, designers also put extra emphasis on comfort.

 Industrial and minimalist style still prevails in house furnishing.

Industrial style

It is very versatile and can be used in almost every interior space. Its typical characteristics are rough surfaces without any treatment, bare brick walls without plastering or architectural concrete. Original water or gas pipes are often left intact to accentuate this raw industrial style. Naturally, safety is the priority number 1. The dominant materials are metals, iron or glass and wood with raw look, for example spruce plywood or OSB boards. Other elements can include PVC, vinyl or cast floors.

Source: www.knbd.sk


Minimalist interior

If your choice is a modern interior, the most popular style preferred by many people today is minimalist style. The roots of this style go back to half of the previous century. The biggest advantage of this style is its timelessness - it won`t go out of fashion for many years. Prevailing color is the white and simple geometric shapes are very characteristic for this style. Well designed minimalist interior can be very functional and easy to maintain. The most common materials found in minimalist interiors are glass, metal, plastic and smooth surfaces. Natural materials such as stone or wood can also be found in these interiors.

Source: www.favi.cz


Art, nature and unusual materials are dominant in 2016

The year 2016 is perfect for all nature lovers. The current trends elevates natural materials that can be used in interior or exterior spaces. Therefore, wood, stone and ceramics have the green light. Hand made products are preferred as these can be connected with modern interior equipment, guaranteed to keep artists, interior designers and craftsmen busy. If you appreciate natural elements, you may choose scandinavian style or natural style furninure or decorative items


Natural interiors

This style is gaining on popularity in rural and urban areas at the same time. In this age of chemical products, pesticides and plastic materials it doesn't come as a surprise when people choose to be closer to the nature. Obvious choice is the use of natural materials, as raw as possible. Earthy colors prevail in such interiors: soft shades of brown, green and ochre. This style doesn't use any exaggerated and extremely vivid colors. Another popular materials is clay, often used for plastering or flooring. The most dominant element is  wood, mainly solid wood use to make doors, floorboards, windows and furniture. Other frequently used materials include straw, hemp, linen, wool, cotton and other organic materials. The emphasis is not put on perfectly straight lines and shapes, on the contrary, these interiors highlight the essence of what nature itself has created.

Source: www.klikali.sk

Scandinavian interior

These days, this style is rapidly gaining on popularity. It is a kind of minimalist interior style, with white color and wood being the prevailing elements. It is also called nordic or northern interior. It can be very plain but also very decorative, using the play of light and contrasts. The wood plays the main role, mostly in the form of solid wood or veneer. The furnishing and decorative are also very important, without these the interior would lose its cosiness and domestic atmosphere. Knitted blankets, carpets, candleholders, plenty of paintings and pictures are typically used in this style.

Source: styly-byvania.blogspot.com

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