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Wooden accessories 

Wooden accessories

This is our collection of charming home decorative items for your home, garden or cottage.

You can browse through a collection of abstract and non-abstract wooden sculptures suitable for interior and exterior spaces. You can also find many types of wooden accessories such as wine racks, vases, mirrors...

  • Decorations

    Collection of our unique and luxurious wooden decoration items made from various types of wood. Stunning abstract sculptures will add cosiness to every living space.

  • Others

    In this category, you will be able to find various home accessories that are functional and decorative at the same time!

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Showing 10 - 18 of 24 items

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  • About us  
    Let us introduce REBORN-W.sk

    Man`s return to the nature is the main idea behind our work!
    We breathe new life into natural materials, such as stone or wood and from these we create modern design pieces for your home. Treat yourself to a little piece of nature in your house, office, cottage or any place where you spend your precious time.


    Neutron themeWith respect for nature!

    All our products are made of reclaimed pieces of stone or wood, that would otherwise end up as waste. We try to give new life to these unwanted pieces of natural materials and create modern and timeless accessories, decor or functional and unique furniture suitable for all types of interior and exterior spaces.




    The products we offer to you are the outcome of our continuing and devoted handwork with natural materials. Every product is created with great amount of skill and love. The process begins with wood seasoning, continues with working the wood and its preservation against degradation and subsequently ends with surface treatment - all of this is done thoroughly and with great care. Every single product in our E-shop is unique. There aren't two identical trees or pieces of wood out there, that`s why every our product is ORIGINAL.



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